Our Story
Kys' Creekside Kennel is a small state & USDA-licensed kennel located on a 23 acre farm in southwest Missouri.  I am a Registered Nurse, Real Estate Agent and a Professional Dog Breeder.  My husband is an Inspector for Jasper County. We have 2 children that love to spoil the puppies and socialize with all of our dogs.   

Our dogs have lots of space to run, our kennel has more than double the space required by Missouri law. All of our dogs and puppies are petted and cared for every single day.  Lots of the pictures on this site were taken at the lake, where many of our dogs have vacationed with us.    Our sole mission is to provide loving families with healthy, well-socialized pets that will be cared for and treated like part of the family.
We do not support puppy mills!

We are inspected yearly by the State of Missouri, USDA, AKC and our veterinarian.  This is the LAW!  Do not do business with breeders that are not licensed.  All of our puppies are on a strict vaccination schedule.  They are all current on age-appropriate vaccinations and dewormings.  We also give our puppies preventative treatment for coccidiosis and giardiasis before they leave for their forever home.

All puppies are examined by a licensed veterinarian at 6 weeks of age and every 2 weeks thereafter.  Each puppy will be issued a Missouri Health Certificate before they are shipped.  Our puppies also come with a one year health guarantee that covers genetic/hereditary defects for one year from date of birth.

We are AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T breeders, all of our adults are also OFA tested for breed-specific genetic issues to help ensure happy, healthy puppies!

 Shibas make great family pets.  Please research the breed and make sure that your new puppy will make a good fit for your family.

Missouri Animal Husbandry Association

MoFed - Missouri Federation of Animal Owners, Inc

Tri-State Kennel Club

Heartland Shiba Fanciers

Continuing Education Units

Understanding Diarrhea
Dr. Brandon Sinn, DVM
Top 10 Neonatal Care
Marti Greer, DVM

Creating a Business Plan
Stacy Mason, AKC Senior Field Rep
Kennel Biosecurity
Dr. Lemac Morris, DVM
Canine Legislation and Regulatory Review
Mike Bober, President/CEO PIJAC
Animal Rights v. Property Rights, a Legal Perspective
Elizabeth Rumley, Senior Attorney, National Ag Law Center
Stand Up For Animal Welfare: Talking to the Public
Dr. Karen Christensen, Assoc. Professor, Center of Excellence for Poultry Science
The Future of Puppy Retailing
Brian Winslow
World Pet Association (WPA)/Center for Canine Welfare
Jim Boschee
Canine Care Certified: The Future of Professional Dog Breeding
Katie Sabatino, ​Center for Canine Welfare
BLC Update
Janet Donally, President
USDA Info & Update
Bernadette Juarez
Canine Reproductive Nutrition
Dr. Raj Naik
Improving our Image & Canine Care Certified Program
Hinda Mitchell
Canine Diseases and Treatment
Dr. Brandon Sinn
Benefits of Health Testing
Dr. Brandon Sinn
MO ACFA Update
Matt Rold, Dept. of Ag Coordinator

Retailers & Legislators
Mike Isaac
Purdue Breeder Study
Dr. C. Croney
Dr. Bramlage, DVM, Michael Glass, APRI Rep
Neonate Survival
Dr. Brandon Sinn, DVM
Medicine Cabinet
Dr. Don Bramlage, DVM
Legislative Update
Karen Strange
Air Quality
Dr. Brandon Sinn, DVM

Fading Puppy
Dr. Scott Gartner, DVM
Kennel Maintenance
Dr. Bramlage, DVM
Ed Sayres, CEO PIJAC
Chris Fleming
Adult to-do's
Stacy Mason, AKC Field Rep
Pat Hastings, Author
AFCA Updates
Matt Rold
USDA Updates
Dr. Bob Gibbens
Breeder Basics
Dr. Brandon Sinn
Karen Strange
Canine Influenze, Disease and Vaccination
Dr. Joe Holzhauer, DVM
Standards Update
Candace Croney, PhD, Dir. Center for Animal Welfare Science, Purdue University
The Importance of Health Testing
David Roberts, Stacy Mason, & Eddie Dzu​ik

AKC Puppy Protection Package
David Roberts
Managing Giardia and Coccidia
Dr Sinn, DVM
Whelping Management
Dawna L. Voelkl, DVM
Regulation on Internet Sales & Imports
Robert Gibbons, DVM Western Regional Dir., USDA-APHIS-AC
Selecting Healthy Parents to Produce Healthy Puppies
Jerold S Bell, DVM

Giving The Customer What She Wants
Brian Winslow, Petland
Dog On Web Software
Richard Kirk
Purebred Breeders
Hunter Newman

State & USDA Updates
Matt Rold/Chester Gipson, DVM
Managing Your Pregnant Females
Donald Bramlage, DVM
Kennel Inspections: Write-ups & Kennel Management
Rick Kesler, DVM


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Kys' Creekside Kennel
This is our brand new, state-of-the-art kennel

David Roberts, AKC Executive, Breeder Development (left) and Katherine Peaker, AKC Executive Field Agent (right); visiting Kys' Creekside in September, 2015.
Foxxie winning 1st at the Kansas ACA show 2016
Tai showing at the Kansas ACA show 2016
Kenzie winning the show at the Wichita, KS AKC Show
Kenzie winning reserve bitch at the Grove, OK AKC show 
Ky winning his first Major Wyoming 7/28/2019