Shipping Your
We take shipping our puppies very seriously and take every precaution to see to it that traveling is safe for them.  We also strive to make shipping a simple and easy process for you, the customer.
Once we receive a deposit or full payment for a puppy, we will create the booking.  We provide 2 options for shipping:

1.  AIR:
   We ship on Thursdays (same day-the puppy will depart St. Louis on Thursday, and get to you the same day) and use a pet transportation courier service to transport the puppies to the airport.  Our puppies ship out of St. Louis and are most often shipped via American Airlines.  Occasionally we use a different carrier if necessary.  The puppies leave after they are 9 weeks old, if you are unable to get the puppy on this Thursday, and we need to hold the puppy for an extra week, it will be and additional $100 per week. 
   Shipping is an additional $450 and may be more for larger puppies.  This price includes the flight and the kennel your puppy will ship in.  The kennel is yours to keep and will be big enough for the puppy to stand up and turn around in.  It is most generally a good size to begin crate training during the night.

 All of the paperwork will be attached to the kennel in a clear plastic bag.  *PLEASE DO NOT THROW AWAY*  The bag will contain a health certificate, vaccination/deworming records, registration papers (unless mailed separately), microchip paperwork (if applicable) and rabies certificate/tag (if puppy is 12 weeks or older).
   We usually receive your flight information back 5-7 days before your puppy is to ship.  We will send it to you via an email or text.  Please respond back letting us know you received it.  The email will contain information on where to pick your puppy up; if you still aren't sure, please contact your airport for additional information.  You will need your picture I.D. and we also recommend taking a copy of the flight information when you pick your puppy up from the airport.
   Occasionally, there are changes in flight schedules due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, mechanical issues, etc.  Please track your puppy's flight at or  This may save you an unnecessary trip to the airport or an extended wait once there.  Refunds will not be provided for delays or postponed flights.
   Rarely, your flight may even be postponed to the following week if extreme temperatures or weather conditions are being experienced at any of the airports involved.  Most often, these changes occur prior to the puppy leaving us and you will be notified immediately.  

   We occasionally utilize ground transportation.  They generally leave on Monday and arrive near your location Monday-Thursday.  Drivers will contact you after they have departed (of the week your puppy is to ship) to give the estimated delivery time. Arrival times cannot be guaranteed and will vary each week depending on the number of puppies and destination locations.  They strive to get as close to your location as possible, but there are certain times you will need to be prepared to drive and meet the delivery specialist.  You may need to meet them in the middle of the night (they do their best to avoid this inconvenience).  Due to the nature of ground shipping, there are several variables that can affect the arrival time, such as weather, traffic and mechanical problems.  The driver will communicate any of these variables with you if they happen to occur.  Their main concern is the health and care of your pet.  Please take your picture ID when meeting the ground company to pick up your puppy.