Available Shiba Puppies
All puppies are AKC Registered and come with a 3 generation pedigree.

Kys' Creekside reserves the right to keep puppies first

Red male - Jie in CA - waiting
Red male - Jun in VA - waiting
Red female - Jessica in NY - waiting
Red female - Julia in IL - waiting
Female - Ingrid in CA - waiting
Red Puppy - Casey in TX - waiting
Black & Tan Female - Casey in IA
Black & Tan Puppy - Todd in TX
Red Male - Chen Chen in NV
Male - Ariel in NJ
Red Female - Christine in FL
Red Male - Chenwei in IN
Red Male - Hao in TX
Male - Riley in AR
Black & Tan Male - Rebecca in WA
Male - Milah in CO

Deposits for Wait List - Deposits are $25o for unborn puppies, $500 for puppies already born.  Once puppies are 4 weeks old, individual pictures will be taken and the list will be gone from top to bottom for puppies to be chosen.  You may choose a puppy pictured or choose to wait for another litter for up to a year. 

Limited Registration

Limited Registration
Princess x Rumble
Dob 5/19/21
Available 7/21/21
2 Males, 3 Females
Lil Bit x Bolt
Dob 5/30/21
Available 8//1/31
3 Males