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Shiba Inu
Is a Shiba Inu right for you?
"A big dog in a small body", the Shiba Inu is beautiful, independent, agile, energetic, bold, spirited, smart, clever, clean, manipulatiave, stubborn, mischevious....


Yes, a Shiba Inu is all of these and so much more!  They make awesome pets, great companions, and loving family members... if the family is willing to put in the work it takes to properly train their new furry friend.

Shibas do best when their trainers are firm, confident and consistent.  They adore people, love other animals and are great with children, but at the same time can be possessive and aggressive.  Shibas have a high predatory drive and love to chase down rabbits, birds, squirrels or whatever other critters catch their attention.  They only know what they are familiar with and what they have been taught.  

Shibas can get along with cats and other dogs but they must be trained and acclimated properly.  Shibas play well with children but they must be taught what is appropriate play and what is unacceptable.  They should be kept on a leash when outside of a fence so they do not chase after a bird and get hit by a car.  A bored Shiba can easily dig out of or scale a fence.  

I do not write this to scare you away from the breed, I only ask that you do your homework, be prepared and be willing to accept the sometimes challenging work of raising a Shiba Inu.  They are a great dog and make wonderful family pets, but I want my puppies to end up in homes that will be dedicated to helping them be the best dogs they can be!

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Breed Standard of the Shiba Inu